Room 14

Room 14 view from the door.Room 14 is an 838 square foot space dedicated to youth in Grades 8-12. This is your space to relax, meet with friends, study or make something amazing. We created the space after hearing from almost 400 young people in West Vancouver. You imagined it, we built it and now the space is yours.


Technology in Room 14

An image of the Macintosh computer that is available for use in Room 14We’ve stocked Room 14 with everything you need to make amazing things, be it for school, fun or something in between. The wifi is free, fast and you don’t need a library card to log on.

Whether your preferred flavour is PC or Mac, we’ve got both! We also have the latest and greatest software for you to tinker with. This is just a sampling:

  • Photoshop Extended: edit photos with advanced features like lighting, shadows and reflections, create 3D images and art, make a logo...your imagination is the limit!
  • Camtasia and Jing: narrate a screencast using photos or videos
  • Google Sketchup: use this 3D modelling program to render a building/structure or design a video game
  • Wacom drawing tablet: draw freehand in Photoshop, paint, or other graphics programs.

Technology to Use Anywhere in the Library

We have a whole stash of useful stuff you can borrow for in-library use like:

  • headphone splitters (multiple people can watch a movie or hear audio on a device using only one headphone jack)
  • adaptors for Apple and Android products: use to connect to a friend’s device or when you forgot your charger
  • borrow an iPad, Samsung Galaxy or another tablet from our Technology Petting Zoo 

Meeting Room

Image of a group using the group meeting room available in Room 14The meeting space in Room 14 seats six and is available on a first come, first-served basis to groups of students in Grades 8-12.  Each group is entitled to use the room for half an hour.

Come see us at the Information Desk if your group needs to use the room and another group has been using the space for more than 30 minutes.

Digital Canvas

We think of the big ol’ 55” monitor in Room 14 as a digital canvas to showcase all the amazing talents of West Vancouver teens. And we want to feature your stuff! We are always looking for:

  • Short (140 character) book reviews
  • Your photography
  • Your digital art (or photos of your physical art)
  • Your favourite quotes
  • Lists of your favourite things (don’t limit yourself to the suggestions below):
    • Books, characters, couples...
    • TV shows, movies, celebrities
    • Places in West Vancouver
    • Things to do
  • Anything else awesome that can fit on a Powerpoint slide

Just email with your submission. Make sure to:

  • Email photos in the best resolution (largest size) you have.
  • You can also send us a completed Powerpoint slide. Just make sure you click on the “Design” tab in Powerpoint, then select “Page Setup” and choose 16:9.