Ebooks, E-Readers & Tablets

Whether you are looking for a great novel for your e-reader or some apps to download to help you with your homework, we've got you covered. Don't have your own e-readers? No problem, you can borrow one of ours!

teens using petting zoo tabletEBOOKS AND DOWNLOADABLE AUDIOBOOKS 

Do you have your own e-reader, tablet, smart phone or computer that you would like to read or listen to a book on? We have a great selection that includes hot new fiction releases, classics and magazines you see waiting in line at the grocery store.




Overdrive (Library2go)

Our largest collection of ebooks and downloadable audiobooks. Search for, check out and download titles through our catalogue or the Library2go website. Using a tablet or phone? Get the Libby by OverDrive App, find West Vancouver Memorial Libary and enter your barcode/PIN to log in. For more information visit or call the Information Desk. 

Access Information: Licensed for West Vancouver residents only. 

New to Library2go/OverDrive? View a tutorial.

Download the app: iOS | Android


RBdigital Audiobooks and Ebooks

More than 30,000 downloadable audiobooks from RBdigital and over 150 ebooks. Download titles to your home computer or to a mobile device using the RBdigital app.

Access Information: Licensed for West Vancouver residents only. 

New to RBdigital? View a tutorial.

Download the app: iOS | Android



Ebooks and digital content for students in grades 7-12. The collection features over 1000 titles including graphic novels, ebooks with audio narration and highlighted text for text-tracking, classic literature and more. High-Interest/Low-Level content, as well as an AP English section included.

Need help downloading something on to your device? Ask us or check out our technology help which has step-by step instructions on how to get a book or audiobook onto your e-reader, tablet or smart phone.

Borrow a Kindle

If you don't have your own e-reader, you can borrow one of our youth kindles. They come pre-loaded with dozens of popular titles by authors like Suzanne Collins, Robert Muchamore, Cassandra Clare, James Dashner and many, many more. Best of all, you get access to tons of titiles, but it only counts as one item on your library card! You can borrow Kindles for 21 days.

Come see a librarian at the Youth Department Information Desk to check one out.


We know you can try out different tablets and apps at stores, but the library is the place to play with apps to your heart's content – we have almost 100 apps downloaded and ready for you to try on these devices:

  • iPads (2)
  • iPod Touch
  • Kobo Arc
  • Nexus 7
  • Nabi Tab

Just like a real petting zoo, you can have fun with the devices in the library, but they cannot be taken home.

The technology petting zoo is perfect if:

  • you're looking to try out a new app before you buy it (don't waste that iTunes gift card on a crummy app!)
  • you like to experiment and play with different apps
  • you're doing homework in the library
  • We have super useful apps like The Chemical Touch (full periodic table of elements), Quick Graph (in case you forget your graphing calculator at home!) and Frog Dissection (it's amazing and gross and totally accurate)
  • all of our library computers are in use


Librarians don't just love books – we love apps too! In addition to being fun, there are lots of apps that can help you with your homework and boost your study skills. We've chosen all of our favourites and put them on our technology petting zoo devices and raved about them here.