Exam Invigilation

The West Vancouver Memorial Library provides free exam invigilation services to students attending West Vancouver schools as well as to West Vancouver residents and business owners.  

Booking an exam

To book an exam, or for more information, visit the Information Desk in the Main Hall or call us at 604.925.7403.

What the Library provides

• A scheduled appointment for the exam during open hours. Please note that exams must be completed 15 minutes prior to closing.
• Receipt and return of exams to institutions; confirmation of the arrival of exam materials to the examinee prior to the scheduled appointment.
• Space to write an exam in one of our silent study areas. Please be aware that examinees will be in a public space and absolute silence is not guaranteed.
• Monitoring by a staff member. Please note that the staff member is not available to watch the examinee at all times.
• Library staff will attempt to troubleshoot any issues with internet access to the best of our ability, but cannot provide technical support for an institution's technical issues.

What the examinee is responsible for

• Confirming that all exam materials have arrived at the Library prior to the scheduled appointment.
• Arriving 15 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment and presenting a photo ID and/or proof of address.
• Bringing any materials needed for the exam, including a personal laptop.
• Arranging for the delivery of print or online exams and exam instructions to the Library prior to the scheduled appointment via regular mail, courier, or email. Please note that we do not receive or return exams via fax.
• Covering any costs and supplies involved in receiving or returning the exam, such as stamps, pre-stamped envelopes, courier services, etc.

Other Examination Services

If you do not meet our residence criteria, we recommend this list from Athabasca University: Invigilation Network