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Classical Music Library

Listen online to over 300,000 tracks of classical music. Coverage includes music written from the earliest times (e.g. Gregorian Chant) to the present, including many contemporary composers. Repertoire ranges from vocal and choral music, to chamber, orchestral, solo instrumental, and opera. You can also create your own playlists.

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Naxos Music Library

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Complete catalogues or selected recordings of over 800 classical music labels including Chandos, Decca, Deutsche Grammophon, Erato, Finlandia, Hänssler Classic, Harmonia Mundi, Hungaroton, LSO Live, Marco Polo, Naxos, New York Philharmonic, Nimbus, Nonesuch, RCA,, Sony Classical, Teldec, Universal Classics, Warner Classics, and Parlophone (former EMI Classics.)

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Naxos Music Library - Jazz

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All jazz, all the time. Listen online to an entire album or search for your favourite song or performer.

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Naxos Music Library - World Music

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Stream a wide range of world music, from legendary historical musical performances to contemporary world music. Almost 15,000 albums available, representing over 32,000 artists, 1500 cultural groups and 150 countries. Includes the complete Smithsonian Folkways catalogue. Not compatible with mobile devices.

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Free Online Music


The current titan of music streaming. A huge catalogue of music (30 million+ songs), with most genres and styles well represented. Spotify free allows you to find and stream music, and to create and share playlists. Ads are present in free version, and offline listening is only available for premium accounts. On mobile, you cannot select specific songs. You chose a playlist, and can listen to it on shuffle and can skip up to 6 tracks per hour.

App available for Android, iOS, windows mobile and computer. Account required.


Slacker Radio

Smaller than Spotify, but still with a sizeable catalogue (13 million+ as of 2014). Slacker free allows you to search for specific artists and 'start a station' (will play tracks from that artist/similar artists), or listen to a general genre station. Specific songs can be favorited to locate later from your account (but account is not required to stream songs); however, selecting favorited songs will launch a related station, not play that specific song. Up to 6 tracks can be skipped per station. Premium account required for offline listening. Ads are present in free version.  

App available for Android, iOS and Windows mobile. Browser version also available.


Formerly a streaming service akin to Spotify and Slacker Radio, but has undergone a redesign and now functions as a stream aggregate. You can search for and stream individual songs, and will find an associated link (most frequently via youtube). will track listening and provide recommendations based on users' taste. 

Android app available, browser version available.



Comprised entirely of user created/curated playlists. Although you can't search specific songs, you can find playlists based on specific artists/genres. No ads between songs, however copyright only allows a specific number of songs from any given album to be present on the site. 8tracks has less genre diversity than other streaming platforms - comprised largerly of contemporary hip-hop, pop, and electronica - but also contains independent artists not found through other services. You can create an account to favorite and create playlists, but an account is not required to stream.

Android and iOS app available, browser version also available


CBC Music App

Get CBC Music on the go! Choose from 13 distinct musical genres and forty unique music streams with the CBC Music App.