Getting Started with Reading

Grow a Reader Bags

We know how busy families are and how challenging it can be to balance a baby, diaper bag and stroller while searching for books. That's why we created Grow a Reader bags.

Grow a Reader bags are sturdy cloth bags you can grab on the go that contain books, a CD, a toy, and an activity booklet full of literacy rhymes and tips. Best of all, they only count as one item on your library card!

From dinosaurs to potty training to bedtime, we have over two dozen popular themes to choose from for 0 - 2 year olds, 2 - 3 year olds and 4 - 5 year olds.

Books for BC Babies

The Books for BC Babies program is designed to introduce new parents to the resources they need to provide a healthy, stimulating literacy environment for their babies. Public health nurses in West Vancouver give out these bags when they conduct home visits after a baby is born. Any new West Vancouver parents who missed getting their bag are encouraged to visit the Youth Department to receive a BC Books for Babies bag containing a board book, CD, and early literacy information.

Visit Books for BC Babies for more information.

The library gratefully acknowledges Park Royal for funding this program.

Sharing Materials in a First Language

Children benefit greatly from the ability to speak more than one language. The neural pathways in an infant's brain are not yet rigid, making the early years the best time to explore language. The earlier a child is exposed to a language, the easier it will be for that child to learn. We have board books and picturebooks in Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, German, Chinese, Persian, Tagalog, and Russian.

Favourite Multilingual Baby Books

Favourite Multilingual Picture Books


Designed to get young children excited about books and reading, the Read-to-Me Club is open to all pre-readers during the summer months. 


Help your child make the connection between letters and sounds by enjoying a picture book/CD kit. This browsing collection is located next to the Easy Readers. Don't know where that is? Ask a librarian for help!